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Vegan buffet table

A b o u t  A n i ' s  C a t e r i n g
History & Background

Ani Toroyan was born in Jordan and grew up in Lebanon.  Ani’s grandmother taught Ani recipes rooted in the Arabic, Armenian and Southern Turkey traditions. 


When she came to the US, Ani attended graduate school to study Wellness through Functional Nutrition. She simultaneously attended culinary school specializing in International Cuisine, all the while cooking for friends and neighbors.

Ani Toroyan

By word-of-mouth this grew into Ani's Catering gathering into its orbit the San Francisco Opera, UC Berkeley Space Center, scientists and astronauts - along with bat & bar mitzvahs, baptisms, and more.

The party always seems to come to Ani, and it’s the sense of community that drew her to the Bay Area and keeps her here.  So, if you’re a party animal - just sayin’ - let Ani handle the food for you, fun just seems to follow her around.

Karen Yencich - Freelance writer & editor

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