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Baked Chicken Drumsticks, with pomegranate

O m n i v o r e  M e n u

Ani's Catering provides our San Francisco bay area clients a variety of Mediterranean & Middle Eastern cuisine menu items to complement your Vegan or Vegetarian food preferences for your wedding, picnic or next event. 

Chicken Pomegranate
A sweet and tart pomegranate chicken that easily comes

together in a single pan with minimal ingredients! This

is a succulently tender & juicy chicken dish


Bulgur wheat and organic beef rolled into balls,

with toasted pine nuts & spices inside


Blend of ground garbanzo beans, tahini, & lemon

served with pita bread

Spinach Pies

Flaky pastry dough filled with tender cooked spinach

and spiced with sumac

Fattoush Salad

A seasonal mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,

bell pepper & toasted pita chips, dressed with

a delicious olive oil dressing


Tender grape leaves stuffed with a ground beef

mixture & spices


Delicious patties of cooked, ground garbanzo beans

mixed with our special blend of spices then

fried to perfection, served with

tahini sauce & pita bread

Za'atar Bread

A delicious flatbread with a medley of herbs topped

with olive oil. The perfect accompaniment

baked onsite & served warm

Tahini Sauce, Hot Sauce, & Pickles

A tasty condiment made from toasted

and ground hulled sesame seeds

Ani will be happy to design a custom menu for your event. Contact her via email at Ani's Catering or by phone 510-234-5349. To ensure our availability use our Contact Us form.

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