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P i n i c   M e n u

Ani's Catering picnic menu is full of tasty, gourmet Mediterranean & Middle Eastern dishes for the San Francisco bay area that will make your picnic food a huge success. You will be very pleased to have Ani cater your picnic.

Lahmajoun Pizza

Meat of your choice with vegetables and spices

Za'atar Pizza

 Tomatoes and feta cheese, served with a

garlic-mint sauce.

Greek Salad

A mixture of seasonal lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers,

bell pepper and onions. topped with feta cheese,

olives & special olive oil dressing


Fattoush Salad

A seasonal mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,

bell pepper & toasted pita chips, dressed with

a delicious olive oil dressing

Fresh Fruit Kebobs

delicious seasonal fresh fruit kebobs

Armenian Potato Salad

chopped onion, bunch finely chopped parsley, olive oil,

white vinegar, lemon juice



Organic quinoa mixed with parsley, tomato and green onion,

dressed with lemon and olive oil



Blend of ground garbanzo beans, tahini, & lemon

served with pita bread


Baba Gannoush

Grilled eggplant dip with tahini and lemon

Falafel garbanzo, herbs and spices



Grape leaves, rice, herbs and vegetables 


Armenian Spinach Pies

Spinach, onion and sumac


F o r  D e s s e r t


A layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts,

& sweetened with syrup or honey


Dessert cookies are a famous middle eastern

shortbread pastries filled with dates or nuts 

Ani will be happy to design a custom menu for your Picnic or event. Contact Ani via email at Ani's Catering or by phone 510-234-5349. To ensure our availability use our Contact Us form.

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